Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering . . .

Today I am taking a different focus on my blog. . . . Remembering September 11th 2011!

As I have seen some news clips today on the news channels showing pictures from that fateful day, September 11, 2001, I remember the feelings I had. I was getting ready for work and I was listening to the news. When they said a plane had flown into the towers, I was in shock. Then they announced a second plane had hit the towers and I had this sick feeling in my stomach that we were under attack. How could this be happening in the USA? How would someone dare to do something so horrific? I listened and watched throughout the day. We had TVs on at work as well as radios so that we would know what was happening. It broke my heart that some many lives were lost. Lives were changed forever that day - not just for those who lost their loved ones, but it changed everyone in America. We all came together as one nation.
I had planned a trip to Massachusetts to visit my sister-in-law with my daughter, Patti. We didn't know if we should go or not, but the tickets ere not refundable. We visited New York City on that trip. We first went down to Battery Park where the Army had set up a command post. We were able to take the Stanton Island Ferry across the bay and at least see the Statue of Liberty. We walked down Wall Street but there were police and military everywhere. All government buildings were closed to the public. (We also went to Boston a few days later and the government buildings were all closed to the public as well.) I felt as if I were in another country. We walked to ground zero. I remember that the closer we got to that hallowed spot, there was soot on all of the buildings and windows were blown out in some of them. There were only military personal on 4 wheelers in this area - no other motorized vehicles. As we got closer, the voices became hushed. There was a sense of sacredness and reverence as we stopped and watched as rescuers continued to go through the rubble. There was still smoke coming from the area where the towers had been. To me if smelled of dirt and smoke. Others said they could smell the stench of human flesh.

I will never forget that day in New York. When we got on the crowded subway, there were a couple of men who let us get into the train. One told me that his car was buried under all of the rubble. Another told me he had lost a family member. I had always been told that New Yorkers were not very friendly, but I didn't see that on my first trip there. I have been back to New York 3 or 4 times since then and I always go back to that sacred place where so many lost their lives.

May we never forget that day when America was attacked and so many lost their lives. May we never forget the freedoms we enjoy and those who fight for that freedom. May we always remember that to tell our families that we love them.
May we always remember that God Does Bless America!

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