Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rain & Flat Tries

We have had a lot of rain lately . . .This is how some people ride through the rain. There were people pedaling a bicycle holding an umbrella as well. I couldn't get a picture fast enough as we were driving along.

Some roads have been flooding, but on Sunday we decide to venture out to Arayat for church. We left and headed down the expressway to San Fernando since that route looked the quickest. We got off at the exit and headed to Arayat about 30 minutes away. But just after we got off the expressway, we ran into this flooded road. There was at least 2 feet of water in the middle of this 'puddle' . . .We couldn't pass. So we just turned around and went back to the next exit. We got off and started driving through the barangay along the road. All of a sudden, the front wheel went off of the edge of the road. (Only a 2-3 inch drop off to the dirt on the side of the road.) As Elder Jewkes got the car back on the road, we felt the thud, thud of a flat tire. It had started to rain pretty hard again and I was feeling bad that he would have to change the tire in the rain and in his missionary clothes.
Luckily for us, this little car shop was right across the street. This is the nice man who changed our tire for us.The flat tire . . . . The inside of the repair shop . . . this is how most of the businesses are in the barangays . . . just in front of the people's homes.
(This picture if for my bother who has his own auto shop.)This is one of the toll booths that we go through on the expressway . . .
We ended up going back home fixing pancakes and then
going to the Mabalacat Ward in the afternoon.

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