Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Adobo, the Filipino Way . . . .

I have been wanting to make some Adobo for several weeks, but have been hesitant since elder Jewkes isn't fond of Asian food. But today I decided it was time to try. Elder Alcibor, one of the APs, has been my teacher . . .

It is said that all Filipinos have their own recipes that are all very different but are all called by the same name. For example: Adobo is Adobo as long as soy sauce and vinegar or calamansi are the main seasonings. All other ingredients are optional and variable. There are no measuring system. Add in as much or as little as you want of an ingredient as long as it turns out the right texture and is delicious!
Another senior couple sister gave me this recipe:



Garlic Onion Potato Vinegar/ Calamansi juice (2 Tbsp)

Soy Sauce Oil Surgar (2 Tblsp) Pork / Chicken (sliced)


1 Sauté garlic, onion & potato in oil

2 Add Pork/ Chicken until tender

3 Add vinegar / Calamansi juice, soy sauce & sugar.. wait.. until cooked (Calamansi is a small citrus fruit that looks like a lime, but doesn't taste like one)

Browning the onions, garlic and meat

Simmering after adding the soy, vinegar and sugarThe fresh pineapple I cut up to go with the Adobo - yummy and sweet!
The finished product
And Elder Jewkes eating his dinner . . .He asked if I was going to make it again . . .
my answer "Yes!" I thought it was great!!

Now you see why I needed some guidance in making this recipe?
Elder Alcibor told me that I passed and for my first time it was really good. Yeah!!

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  1. Next time try Caldaretta. Wade should like that as well.