Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 1 - The Rainy Season . . . .

On June 1st I asked our security guard, Jose, when the rainy season would start. He said, "June . . . it is June 1st, it starts today." And it did. It rained hard later that afternoon. It was beautiful in the morning. The rain came down in sheets, then it stopped. We have had some rain everyday so far this month. Today (June 8th) it was about 80 degrees . . . that is cool and seemed really nice! As we were driving to Tarlac and LaPaz last Saturday we saw some of the results of the recent rain as well as the rain that we had during the Typhoon a couple of weeks ago. It was beautiful and green. Last time we drove to Tarlac, it was getting really dry and brown. The water is now covering the rice fields.

Here are some picture of the rice fields we saw as we drove home.
These are taken through the windows in the car as we were driving . . .

There was a man standing out in the middle of the water, but I couldn't get a good picture in the car . . . maybe next time.

Another nice thing about the rain, it has brought out new flowers.
These are the zinnias in the front yard across the street.
They remind me of my garden at home . . .
I hope Mike is taking good care of my yard! *smile*

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