Monday, June 20, 2011

New Friends and a New Experience . . .

Wade goes to the park on base to walk almost every morning at 5am (much toooo early for me!). He has made some new friends - Lettie and her brother Smiley. They both have lived in the United States. They have holidays here almost weekly. On June 13th there was a holiday for a Saint. The banks were closed as well as the post office. To celebrate, Smiley decided to throw a party. They invited us to come over to their home in the Barangay Margot.

It took us about 30-45 minutes to get there and it should have only been 15 minutes. There were parades and bands in the streets. People were standing on the side of the street by their homes. As we drove by they would look at us to see if we were part of the parade.

Smiley had a 'killed a cow' for his party. They had several meat dishes - beef, chicken and a fish dish along with the traditional rice. They also had a dessert made from fresh, young coconut with mangos and papaya mixed with cream - much like fruit salads at home. It was really good. They eat coconut here before the white part gets hard. It is really different for us.

After we ate, Lettie and Smiley showed us his home. It was like a mansion compared to the other homes around. It had tile floors and wood throughout. It was beautiful. Other than the missionaries apartment that we inspect, we haven't really been in any other homes. But it was nicer than most . . . he is retired from the US Navy.
Both Lettie and Smiley are Catholic, but we feel that just being friends with them gives them a taste of the church. Evidently a senior couple that was here a year or two ago were good friends with them as well. We look forward to growing the friendship.

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