Monday, June 20, 2011

Bittersweet . . . Transfers . . .

This past week we had transfers again. (Have 6 weeks already passed?) On Tuesday we said good-bye to 11 missionaries. This time our 'trainer' Elder Williams departed the mission to return home to New Zealand. We will miss him. He was a great trainer!!!
As I was taking this picture of our departing missionaries' luggage, Elder Howard told me you had to have a person in the picture . . . so he jumped right in . . .
As all of the other missionaries loaded the van to leave, Elder Landingin stood at the top of the drive way to wave good-bye. We sent him to the van to join his fellow departing missionaries. I think he wanted to stay a little longer!
On Thursday, we had 10 new Elders and 1 Sister arrive.
It is always fun to welcome these new missionaries!

After a busy day, I walked into the AP's office and this is what I found . . .
relaxing after a week of transfers!

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