Friday, January 23, 2015

Special Assignment/ Mini-Mission

Thursday January 22, 2015

Wade has been serving as a service missionary at the LDS Church History Library (CHL) for the past 18 months, most recently doing oral histories, mainly of past mission presidents in the Latin American Area.  We have been asked to go to Puerto Rico to take oral histories from the people there.  This is a unique assignment for a two month period for us to talk to Stake Presidents, Auxiliary Leaders and anyone who might have an interesting story about their conversion to the church.  We have been set apart and wear our  missionary badges.  As far as we know at this time, we are the first 'missionaries' to do this type of an assignment.  We are thrilled to be 'pioneers' in preparing the way for possible future assignments as well as others having this same assignment.  Prior to coming, I was interviewed by the person Wade worked for at the CHL.  I was able to spend a few days at the CHL doing some training for the oral histories as well as the administrative work in submitting the information to the church.  I found it fascinating to listen to the stories that were being told in the interviews.  I also enjoy the administrative part as well.  And of course, it was a no brain er when they asked if we would go to Puerto Rico for 6-8 weeks in January, February and March!  Stay in cold Utah or go to the warm sunshine of the Caribbean . . . . .

We left Salt Lake January 14th and headed to Atlanta using our flight benefits (standby).  We stayed with Patti and her family for a few days.  We enjoyed going to Wade's brother's ward on Sunday and then a lovely dinner with them, a family from their ward and two of the young missionaries.  It was an enjoyable day.  We were finally able to get on a flight Monday (January 19 2015) morning for San Juan Puerto Rico. President Boucher, the mission president, picked us at the airport and took us to the mission office where met several of the other senior couples serving there.  We were then taken to our apartment, 'our new home', and got our car.  That evening we went exploring to find a place to eat.  We found a Ponderosa Steak house and enjoyed dinner.  Then it was time to find our way back to our apartment - in the dark! We drove down several roads more than once, even a one way going the wrong way!  By some miracle, we pulled up in front of what we thought was our apartment.  Wade got out and tried the gate remote and IT WORKED!  I think the Lord guided us there before I got too angry at Wade!  

Wednesday the mission nurse took us on a little tour to help us find our way around a little more.  We road a ferry to Old San Juan, had lunch and the came back.  It was a gorgeous day and the Mexican restaurant we went to had great food!  In the evening we went to the Olive garden Restaurant for dinner will the other senior couples on the island as well as President & Sister Boucher. After dinner we went to the President's place for a desert that Wade hasn't stopped talking about!

Today we worked in the office for a little while.  Wade is so excited because each time he meets someone new and tells them what we are doing, we get more leads of who might have a great story.  We have appointments sent for Friday, Saturday and Sunday to do interviews.  I know we will stay busy here!
My sister in law and me on Sunday (1/18/15) at her house for dinner.  Her husband is a counselor in the Atlanta Mission Presidency

We are on our way to Puerto Rico!!

We made it!  San Juan PR airport

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  1. What a great mission for you both. You have great skills and talents that the Lord is using.