Monday, January 26, 2015

A Day of Unexpected Exploring

Saturday January 24, 2015

After we completed our interviews, we decided to go to the Super Walmart where we could purchase fresh fruits and veggies as well fresh meat is smaller quantities that at Costco.  (Yes, there is a Costco here as well as Sam's Club).  We used our GPS and went to the saved places that were already in it.  There were two Super Walmarts listed so we pushed the one closet to where we were.  We ended up in a area called Casovanas. There was also an Outlet Mall so we visited it too.  When we used the GPS to get us home, we were routed on a mountain road that was barely two lanes.  The country was beautiful but it took us about 3-4 house to return to our apartment.  We found that the GPS isn't always right!  There is actually a Super Walmart about 10-15 minutes from our apartment.  We will try that one another day!!

I will be posting pictures of the people we interview.  I have gotten verbal permission from each of them.  This way I can remember those we have interviewed and the friendliness of the people here in Puerto Rico!

Jose Toro
Alberto Zayas
Hector Llanos
Jose Luis Diaz Rivera
Rafael Rivera
France Marie Feliciano Zayas
Hector & Maria Berrios
San Juan Stake Center - Trujillo Alto
San Juan Stake Center - Courtyard in the middle of the building

The beautiful countryside in Canovanas

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