Saturday, January 24, 2015

Our Work Begins

Friday we interviewed two wonderful men.  Brother Toro and Brother Zayhas.  I am really enjoying sitting in on the interviews.  These were done in English.  Today we are interviewing again at the Trujillo Alto chapel in San Juan. So far the men that we have interviewed prefer to speak Spanish, so Wade is doing those interviews.  I get the paperwork in order.  (I'm using my administrative skills.)  I will post  pictures below of those we are interviewing with their permission.

It has rained the past couple of days off and on.  This morning the sky is a beautiful color of blue and it is about 80+ degrees.  I love the weather here . . .  warm and sunshine most of the time with occasional rain.

We stopped at the store last night on our way home from the office to pick up a few supplies so that I can cook again.  I made Chicken Alfredo and it tasted so good!  I love to eat at restaurants, but sometimes it is nice to have home cooked meals!  I hope we can make it to Costco later today.  Sister Eakle brought me a conventional oven so I can bake.  I want to pick up a couple of frozen dinners since those will be good and easy to fix after a full day.  Maybe pick up some fresh veggies as well.  Prices are pretty much the same here as in the states, but milk is almost $6 a gallon!  Gas prices are about $.57 per liter - about $2.00 per gallon.

Our apartment is nice.  We have three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The dining area and living room area are one big room. The kitchen is nice other than not having an oven. (But now I have the conventional oven!)  We have a stacking washer/dryer!  It is perfect for us!  We have a queen bed in the master bedroom and right now a twin bed in one of the other bedrooms.  They are bring over another bed in a few days since we will have visitors in February.  Patti, Eric and Riessa are coming to visit Patti's mission.  She is so excited to show her cute family around the area that she grew to love some 16+ years ago. 

Our apartment:
Dining/Living Area
Kitchen looking toward front door
Laundry room
Master bedroom
Extra bedroom (empty)
Extra bedroom
Master Bathroom
Extra bathroom
Back patio with BBQ grill
Other side of patio with door going into apartment
Swimming pool over the fence from our patio
Play area behind our apartment - swings and slides for kids

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