Thursday, January 22, 2015

Catch up!

I am going to try to catch up the end of our first mission and then add our new mission to this blog.

May/June 2012
Charlie called to let us know that he had met his sweetheart, Liz Fuentas, and they wanted to get married.  He asked when we were coming home and we told him September 7th 2012.  He said they wanted to get married August 3rd but could wait until the 31st.  They were getting married in the Los Angeles Temple and it would be closed the middle of August for cleaning.  We went to the mission president and told him our good/bad news.  He said to find out which date they wanted and if it was the 3rd we needed to support them in that and not make them wait.  I cried to the mission president and then to Sister Martino as well.  I didn't want to go home early, but this was what we had prayed for . . . to have our three unmarried kids find a spouse.  So we made the plans to return home the end of July.

June and July were busy with zone conferences, arrival of new senior couples and young missionaries, senior couple meetings and other activities in the mission.  Our daughter, Patti, called me after Charlie and Liz set their date for August 3rd, and told me she would plan an open house for them in Salt Lake.  So I told her how much we could spend and she took care of all the planning so I could concentrate on our mission the last two months.

We were given permission to visit a couple of the areas outside of our mission in mid July before we went home.  Our good friend Ronnie Cedillo went with us as our driver.  He was a church employee so we okay having him drive our car.

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