Sunday, December 11, 2011

Stake Relief Society Christmas Activity

Saturday November 26, 2011

The Angeles Stake held their annual Christmas Activity.
Here is how it works. Each ward comes up with a dance to a Christmas song. Each ward decorates a table and brings food for their own ward. Simple right? Well there are 11 wards and branches in the Angeles Stake. It was amazing to me to see all of these women preforming in front of their peers. I don't think this would happen back home. But these ladies had a great time.

This little girl was so cute. She was like a cheerleader or choreographer for one of the groups . . she new every move. It was so cute!Me with one of our ward members in front of our ward tableOur ward table with many of my friends!It was fun activity. I love the Filipinos. They are happy and not embarrassed to be who they really are! What a wonderful country and culture!!

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