Sunday, December 4, 2011

Grand Kids . . . . .-Day 2

We let everyone sleep a little later on Monday morning.
Grandpa had a meeting in the mission office.
After lunch, the Murri family met President Martino.Then we all jumped into the van and off we went to see the people who
live across the river. We saw this caribou and the kids wanted a picture.
The caribou was checking out the kids.Then the kids got a little closer to check it out . . .We went to visit the family who has the piglets. When Patti and I were there, they told us that the momma pig was due to have babies in a week. When we got there, we found that the mother pig and all of her piglets had died at birth from complications. But there several boys there so I introduced my grand kids to them.
Of course we took pictures . . .When we left, all of the kids were saying 'thank you' in English . . without skipping a beat, Austin turned around and said, 'Salamat po" which is Tagalog for thank you. the little boys all thought that was neat that he was speaking Tagalog!

We then visited Nayong Pilipino.It is a culture center that allows you to trace the primal roots of the
Philippines through the traditional lifestyle of its indigenous people.
Brooklyn and Austin checking out the shops . . .From the Aeta village . . . the huts they lived in . . .Another display . . . Britain did a good job of being a statue
The kids on the volcanoThe Murri family . . . The kids ended the day with a swim at their hotel. . . .
*To be continued

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