Sunday, December 11, 2011

Grand Kids . . . . . Day 4

Wednesday November 23, 2011

Today was the much anticipated visit to the orphanage. Andrea had asked if they could do some service while they were here. We arranged to visit this orphanage.
Britain, Brooklyn and Austin were all excited to meet the children thereRyan playing a game with the boys . . .Andrea with the girls . . .Austin playing hopscotch
Britain & Brooklyn with the Sister at the OrphanageTeaching the kids the Hokey PokeyBritain playing with the kidsBrooklyn learning a new games
Austin and the boys . . . A group pictureThe children sang us a songThe kids all made new friendsRyan had so much fun that we almost left him behind . . .Then we were off to the outdoor market (wet market or palanque)We wanted to show the kids where the people here go
shopping each day to purchase food for the dayAustin found a Angry Bird shirtWe took the Murri's to meet some of our Filipino friends.
Kristi, and her new baby We also visited the Quiambao familyThe day ended with Ryan and the kids in the pool at the hotel. It was the kids favorite day here!

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