Friday, August 19, 2011

Random Pictures . . . . .

Today we did apartment inspections. We do these every six weeks to make sure that the missionaries are keeping their apartments clean and neat. Each time we go out, we see something new that we haven't seen before. Today was no exception. I always have my camera ready and most of my pictures are taken out of the car windows.

Elder Jewkes with Elders Pangan and Leedom. These two Elders were without drinking water due to a pipe breaking in the part of the barangay where they live. They asked us to take them to get some drinking water a few streets away.
The missionaries all have water filters in their apartments like this one. (This is ours.)This is where the Elders bought drinking eater.
The get the purified water from these tanks. This is the back of the shop with their TV. Not much furniture, but a television set.While the Elders were getting their water, this little boy crawled into our trunk. He was so cute, but he didn't want to get out of the trunk. I think he would have let us close the trunk and staye right there. His mom finally came and got him out.All the kids love to have their pictures taken. This lady is a member of the church. These are her kids and some of the neighbor kids.These two little boys were carrying buckets of water so that the laundry could be done at their house behind them.
Here is a mama Caribou and her baby. This man was just walking down the street with them. He stopped so I could take this picture.As we have driven through the country side of our mission, I have seen people selling these pop bottles with red stuff in them. I thought is was red punch or at least something to drink.
I found out that it is gasoline. Since these people live out away from the gas stations, these little stand are where they purchase the gasoline for their trikes and motorcycles.

The last thing I wanted to show you is how they carry some of their wares to sell. I love seeing someone peddling a bike piled high with baskets.Just another day in the Philippines! We love it here!!

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