Friday, August 19, 2011

Gathering at the River Again . . .

On Saturday August 13th, Elder Jewkes had a meeting to go to with the President. So Sister Martino and I decided to go a baptism in Burgos. This is where they do the baptisms in the river. We had such a good time together. We met the Bowcutts in Tarlac and rode to Burgos with them. Just after wr got in the car, Sister martini looked out the window and a lizard was looking at her. She decided to roll the window down to get it off, but instead it came into the car and quickly crawled to the drivers window. Elder Bowcutt rolled it down quickly and the lizard went back out side. He told Sister Martino she couldn't sit behind him in the car again . . . we all had a good laugh! Too bad I didn't have my camera out to record that one . . .

Sister Bowcutt and Sister Martino
Sister Bowcutt and Sister Kemker
We got to Burgos and I found out that the person getting baptized was the sister of a young man who had been baptized the last time we went to the river.
This is her little boy . . . such a cute little guy!
He did a fabulous job. He even conducted the meeting and you would have thought he had been a member for years!
Brother and Sister

When we got down to the river, it was laundry day. It is amazing to me to see these women squatting down and
scrubbing their clothes on a board in a tub of water. Or pounding the clothes with a club.

The baptism was nice. We talked about how this is how the early members of the church were baptized - in the river. And there were times when they had to cut a hole in the ice to be able to be baptized. What a great experience we had that day . . .

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