Monday, August 8, 2011

Miracles . . .

We have a new senior couple arriving in our mission this week. We have been looking for the past month in the area where they will be serving, for an apartment so that we can have a place ready, for them when they arrive. We have had the Zone Leaders and other missionaries checking the few apartments that are for rent in this area.

The mission president asked us to pray that we would be able to find an apartment for this couple. The President and his wife drove to the area where this couple will be living on Friday on their way to a District Conference. They searched all day and came up empty handed. We continued to pray night and day for a miracle. We only have a few days left.

On Sunday, we fasted to find an apartment. At church Wade talked to one of the zone leaders in our area. He had lived in the are we were looking for the apartment. He told Wade where a nice apartment was. Wade asked him to call the president and let him know about the apartment.

We got an email late Sunday evening from the President that they had found an apartment! It wasn't the one the zone leader called to tell them about. There is a family living in the apartment and will be moving out so that our new senior couple can move into on Friday. This family does not belong to our church, but they are willing to move so that this couple will have a place to live.

We had decided to fast on Sunday for an apartment for this new couple. We had been searching for a month with no results. Heavenly Father has told us to do all we can do. When we do all that we can do, our Heavenly Father will provide a way. And he did. Fasting and prays do get answered . . . in His due time!

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