Friday, August 19, 2011

Cold Showers . . . Burrrrr!!

Two weeks ago, we got up to take a shower and the water was "freezing". Not freezing like back home, but it was cold for what we are used to here. Wade got in first and told me it wasn't too bad. I got in and let the water run in the tub, soaped up and then hurried to rinse off under the shower. Then I went and crawled back into bed to get warm. Wade wanted to take a picture but I declined!! He thought I was pretty funny . . . and it was funny but I was cold!!

We called Ronnie, the guy who fixes everything here at the mission home/office. He put a new part on the water heater. Tuesday we had a nice hot shower. Then Wednesday it was back to cold. Ronnie came out again on Thursday and we had hot water until Sunday night. Monday morning another cold shower! This is just part of the Philippines. Most of the missionaries have bucket showers, where they get a bucket of water (usually pretty cool) and then dip water over them to shower. (We try to make sure that the senior couples have a shower in their apartment.) Sister Martino told me to come up to the mission home to take a hot shower. But after getting on the treadmill, the cooler shower actually felt somewhat nice. It was still colder than I like.

Well, this is week two and we have had 4 out of 5 cold showers. Today it was warm. Ronnie found that there is a reset button that keeps shutting off. We have asked the security guard to reset the hot water about 5am so we can get a hot shower. ( He works from 6p - 6a). Ronnie is still trying to figure out how to keep this switch from going off on a daily basis. In the mean time, we have at least learned how to get hot water again . . . Yeah!!

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