Sunday, April 15, 2012

Green Hills Mall . . . .

March 30, 2012

I had a follow up doctor appointment in Manila for my eye surgery.  The Fleming's were free for a few hours so we all went to the Green Hills Mall in Quezon City before heading home..
Green Hills Mall
One of the other senior couples had served a previous mission in Quezon City and had told us about this mall.  This was an experience.  I had heard that pearls were inexpensive . . . that was true.  Elder Jewkes found rows of shoes . . .he was in heaven!
Rows and rows of pearls!!!  I was in Heaven!!
He was a really nice painting of the last supper, but it had Christ with Filipino children instead of his disciples. (I can't get it to turn right so i didn't post it.)
Loved this painting. . . so typical of the Filipinos working in the rice fields!
Elder Jewkes and Sister Fleming looking at the shoes . . .
Rows of Shoes . . .Elder Jewkes was in heaven!!
At the Quezon City St. Luke's Hospital they have a  man who plays a grand piano in the lobby all day.  He doesn't read music but can play most anything requested . . .
Elder Fleming and the "Piano" man

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