Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Couples Rescue Efforts . . . . in Pictures . . . Day 1

Dingalan Bay - on the east side of our mission
Friday March 2, 2012

Our Couple's Retreat in pictures.  For more details go back to my previous post 4-1-2012

Senior couples with Sister Garcia and Grannie Annie.  It started to rain so we all bought and umbrella to stay dry . . . and it helped protect us from the sun.
Sister & Elder Jewkes
Sisters Bowcutt, Martino, Roberts and Jewkes on the boat dock
Patti and me on the boat dock
The boat that would sail us to the less-active family
President & Sister Martino

Looking up the hill from the beach to the home of the less-active family

Looking towards the beach from the home of the less-active family

A boat they are building on the side of their home

The children in the door way of their home

President & Sister Martino with the Branch President - He came along to invite the family to come back to church
Patti enjoyed the kids and they loved her

Looking into the home from the doorway.  Notice the cement floor

The families that live here - there are actually 3 families in all - the parents and their adult children and families.  Several of these family members have been to church since our visit!

Elder & Sister Bowcutt.  They arranged all of our trip.

Using a machete to cut open a young coconut

The father giving President Martino with his coconut

Drinking the coconut milk right from the coconut

Sister Martino taking her turn

Elder Jewkes drinking the coconut milk with the president watching

Patti's turn

Pouring the milk into a pictures so they can pour it into glasses for us to drink

The children enjoying the cookies that we brought for the family

Elder Jewkes and President Martino getting ready for our voyage back to the dock.

Granny Annie in the blue with her daughter who made our lunch

Enjoying a Filipino lunch ~ Elder & Sister Bowcutt, Patti, Sister Roberts and Sister Garcia

The huts where we ate our lunch

Walking through the jungle to meet another less-active family

Sister Martino, President Martino, Elder Bowcutt, Patti and Elder Jewkes

This is the home that this family lived in before the termites ate it!

Patti found a place to relax for a few minutes

Elder & Sister Bowcutt with the father and mother in front of the home they now live in. (They have been to church since our visit)

The husband showing us how they open the coconuts

This is the tool he uses to open the coconuts

Elder Jewkes trying his hand at opening a coconut

This is a member who went with us to visit the family in the jungle. He was showing us how to climb the coconut tree. 

Elder Jewkes didn't get very far
Sister Martino climbing the coconut tree
Sister Martino started her climb up and was rescued by the President
Patti with these cute kids

Orchids were growing everywhere!

A less-active member with her week old baby

Elder Jewkes with the water pump they use to get water for their house

Getting ready to leave these wonderful families
More Orchids - aren't they beautiful!
Our picnic dinner at the resort ~ Elder & Sister Bowcutt, Sister & Elder Roberts, President Martino and Elder Jewkes

Levy Lance Resort where we spent the night - looking at room from across the swimming pool

Elder Roberts in front of the rooms where we stayed
Some of the people who attended the Friday evening member devotional in Gabaldon

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