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Couples Rescue Efforts . . . In Pictures . . . Day 2 . . .

Saturday March 2, 2012 ~ Day 2  
What a wonderful two days!!!  Thank you to the Bowcutts for arranging this event for all of us!
Elder Bowcutt in front of the cottage the President stayed in.
President Martino and Elder Roberts cooking breakfast in the cottage

Patti, Elder Jewkes and Elder Bowcutt enjoying breakfast

Patti waiting to pack the care to start another day of visiting
Sister Martino, Patti and Sister Jewkes
Elder & Sister Jewkes
Mango tree in blossom
President and Sister Martino with members in Gabaldon
Mother and daughter members

Family on their motorcycle

President Martino talking to a man who makes wooden beds
The mechanics working on a jeepney
President Martino and Sister Garcia talking to this sister about setting a goal to go to the temple with her family
Sister Martino with a father and his daughter
Patti with this shy little boy

A less-active mother and her son

President Martino talking to this young man about being baptized

Elder Jewkes was getting tired

Sister Bowcutt on the ground with this sweet little girl who was picking up the green mangos

Sister Martino Talking to another little girl

Elder Jewkes visiting with a little girl

Before we went to Bugnan, Sister Garcia showed us all how to eat Balut.
The egg with the chicken in side is hard boiled.  She picked the top of the shell and suck the juice out of it first
She continued to pull the shell away and eat the inside

She said that it tasted like chicken with egg . . . I couldn't watch her eat it!!
President's reaction to the Balut

Off to the river to cross to Bugnon . . . 
A family taking their gathered fire wood home from the river
Sister Roberts' umbrella died!
President & Sister Martino and Elder Bowcutt with their umbrellas.  We knew we would need them for this trip. They helped to shade us from the hot sun!

Elder Roberts and Elder Jewkes walking to the rafts

A man pulling a raft to the river bank

The rafts are the transportation from one side of the river to the other.  During typhoon season a raft is the only way to get across the river. 
A young boy pulls the raft across the river ~ the river is not high at this time of year.  And yes, the boy does not have clothes on!

Wade enjoying the ride across the river

Sister Roberts takes a trike up the road to the village

Jeepneys are another form of transportation in the village
Patti and I rode a trike from the river ~ my first trike ride  here in the Philippines

Sister Roberts, Sister Garcia and Elder Roberts waiting for everyone in the shade
Community comfort room (out house)

Young boys playing in front of a home in Bugnon
President & Sister Martino with a less-active sister

Marivie, member, Sister Garcia, Sister Roberts, Elder Bowcutt and Elder Roberts

The home of the sister we were visiting.

President & Sister Martino with a member and her daughter

Sisters Garcia, Bowcutt and Martino with their new hats

President and Sister Martino

The senior couples arriving at the Grospe home for lunch

Sister Grospe cooked lunch for us.  It was delicious and authentic Filipino Food!
Sister Grospe putting more food on the table.

Sister Grospe meeting President & Sister Martino

Enjoying lunch  Patti, Sisters Bowcutt, Roberts, Gropse, Martino and Marivie

An electric fan given to the Grospe family from the Angeles Mission.   I'm not sure how long they have owned it ~ but it works!

Resting before our member devotional at the Gropse home
President Martino, Elder Roberts, Elder Bowcutt & Elder Jewkes.  Notice that this home has a dirt floor.  Looking towards where the picture window will someday be.
Rudy Grospe and President Martino

Patti and Marivie became fast friends!

Another home in Bugnon

Another home
Doorway into another home
The power meters

Going to the member devotional

This is how the men dress when they are working outside.  This man is raking the rice while it dries on the cement.  This is actually a basketball court,
Sister Martino getting a power nap while waiting for the member devotional to start.

President Martino introducing the movie "Only a Stonecutter" which was shown at the member devotional.  He was talking to the members about sacrificing to come to church.  It is very expensive for these people to cross the river and then get a ride to the church ~ about 6+ miles.

Sister Grospe with an less-active sister
All of the senior couples (in back) with all of the members that attended the afternoon devotional
 Elder Roberts with a couple of kids watching the movie.  He loves the kids!!

Patti with two of members at the devotional.
We visited this sister earlier in the day.  She brought each of us a shell necklace that she made for us.  What a special gift of love!
Patti with this special sister
Sister Roberts with her necklace
Sister Bowcutt and this sweet sister

Sister Martino with her necklace and the lady who made it
Sister Jewkes with the Grospes

The members all walked back to the river with us to say goodbye.
Patti with Rudy Grospe ~ he carries his bike across the river and then rides it to church each week.
Boarding the raft to go bak to our cars on the other side of the river
Waving goodbye to our new friends

As we crossed the river we waved and called back "Hurrah for Israel"

Patti, Elder & Sister Jewkes riding back across the river

This picture was sent to Patti by one of the members ~ taken by the members as we were pulled back across the river.

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