Saturday, June 9, 2012

Meeting New Friends . . .

May 21, 2012
Today Sister Martino came in and invited me to go to lunch with her and two friends that she has made here.  

First a little background:  She first met Mary Lou at the Mini Market.  She was waiting to pay for something and Mary Lou stepped up and paid for it.  They chatted for a few moments and then Sister Martino left.  But Sister Martino felt like she needed to offer to give this girl a ride home.  She went back to the Mini Mart ( she had been gone for about 10 minutes) and when she got back, Mary Lou was still there.  She talked to her about the church and invited her to come to their home for dinner.  Mary Lou lives in Angeles and works here.  Her husband and 3 children live in in the southern part of the Philippines.  She had just gotten back from visiting them for her month vacation from work.  She has a baby who just turned 1 who she has not seen for 9 months!  How many of you could do that??  She is such a sweet lady as is Ana!!

We were going to go to Zapatas for Mexican food, but they are closed on Monday so we went to Berettos. Mary Lou and her friend Ana, who is a member of the church, came with us.  Mary Lou and Ana were so gracious.  This was my first time meeting either of them.  We enjoyed a fun lunch.  When we asked for our check, the waitress told us that an American man who had been sitting behind us had already taken care of our bill!  We were so surprised and wanted to thank him.  The waitress said that he goes in there often and she would give him our thanks.

Ana and Mary Lou
Ana, Sister Martino and Mary Lou
Ana, Me, and Mary Lou
Last Monday evening (June 4, 2012) we had Family Home Evening at the mission home.  Mary Lou and Ana joined us.  We were playing a game where you draw a picture of your favorite story from the scriptures an everyone guess what it is.  When we got to Mary Lou, she had a house with trees, flowers and the sky.  She said that she had started to read the Book of Mormon and that she felt a peaceful feeling.  Non of us knew she was reading the book.  Sister Martino was so excited . . . she is such a great missionary!!
Some wonderful new friends . . . . 

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