Monday, January 23, 2012

A Special Visitor . . .

On January 4th, we were working in the office and we some special visitors.  The lady that works with our son Charlie, in California, was visiting family in Manila.  They were on their way to Baguio and stopped to meet and visit with us.  Nenette, her husband and sister-in-law came in to visit us.  They told us it took them an hour to find where we lived.  It was so nice to meet them. They gave us a great report on how cute Charlie is and what a nice kid he is.  She gave me a hug from him and another hug to take back to him.  
Sister Jewkes, Elder Jewkes, Nenette, her sister-in-law and her husband
With the APs . . . Elder Pioquinto, Nenette's husband, Elder Apolinario, 
Elder Strong, Sister and Elder Jewkes and Nenette
What a great surprise!!

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